Dr. Anna Belozer

Clinical Psychologist, PhD
Anna Belozer, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in full-time private practice in Madrid. She is providing psychotherapy and counselling for individuals (adults & adolescents) and couples. She has an extensive academic and clinical experience working with people from different cultural and professional backgrounds. She speaks English, Spanish and Russian.

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Online and Offline Psychotherapy

Recently many people find online therapy to be a convenient and safe way to receive psychological support from a mental health professional. Below you may find some reasons, most frequently provided, as well as remarks about therapy environment
You may easily access your mental health specialist wherever you are now, should you be in the business trip or experience commuting restrictions
Therapy is a unique environment providing you a safe space for self-observation, investigation, curiosity and further experiments
The platforms used and the ethics of conduct guarantee maximum confidentiality for information provided
Research results prove that online therapy is as efficient as offline. Some people need time to get used to this format, which is mostly limited
Better adjustment to the current time-schedule may help you to benefit from the time-slots applicable for sliding scale
Starting from the first sessions you will get a better understanding of your current situation. It helps to feel safe and confident
Dr. Anna Belozer maintains a Mental Health blog in Instagram as @dr.annabelozer, where she is talking with the readers about psychoanalytical therapy and clinical psychology, sharing her clinical observations. This blog doesn't substitute any form of therapy or counselling. It has psycho-educational purposes only, providing basic knowledge about the resources available.

She does answer the questions and glad to get comments from her readers. You are encouraged to visit her blog and stay in touch!
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US contacts: 011 34 602 695 220
EU contacts: +34 602 695 220
Russia: +7 921 4119067
Email: anna.belozer@gmail.com
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